Pinnacle Chess

Pinnacle Chess

Enter the Ultimate Pocket PC Chess Experience!

From the creators of the award-winning Chessmaster series comes the latest in chess gaming innovation, Pinnacle Chess. With computer analysis, an intuitive user interface, personalized computer opponents and teaching modes to take any player to the next level, Pinnacle Chess is redefining the classic game of chess on handheld devices.

Some of the features include:

  • Grandmaster playing level chess engine
  • 12 computer chess personalities (varieties of playing strength and style)
  • 14 Tutorials on Basic Chess Strategy
  • Multiple time controls
  • Blindfold chess, random chess
  • On-the-fly computer analysis
  • Chess coaching (legal moves, in-game hints)
  • Save/Load in PGN format
  • 2 Fully annotated classic historical chess games
  • Infinite number of Chess Puzzles
  • Stealth chess (popular Dice Corp. board game)

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Pinnacle Chess


Pinnacle Chess

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